Reimagining Higher Education Foundation

Reimagining Higher Education Foundation (RHEDF), registered as a Section 8 Company, under the Companies Act 2013, is the sponsoring body of an upcoming 21 st Century University anchored around Technology to solve real-world problems through Transformational Education. It is an effort driven by Collective Philanthropy. The Founding team comprises 70+ reputed business leaders including Pramod Bhasin (Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, Genpact); Neeraj Aggarwal (Chairman APAC for The Boston Consulting Group), Vineet Nayyar (Former Executive Vice Chairman, Tech Mahindra), Ashish Gupta (Founder, Benori Knowledge Solutions) and Dalip Pathak (Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus, U.K.) among others.

Why Reimagine Higher Education?

Top global institutions find themselves constrained by their own legacy. The need for a high-quality experiential and multidisciplinary education is becoming imperative. With over a million engineers graduating across India every year, we have an opportunity to code the DNA of 21st century Technology and Innovation.

With a Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) of 24.5%, India needs over 800 new Universities to be built in the next 10 years. Further there is a huge quality challenge with 80% engineering graduates considered unemployable. India’s engineering education needs radical change.

Plaksha can become a model of possibility for Reimagining higher education in not just India but the world.